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Time to introduce some puzzles to your little ones! Learning can be fun and purposeful!

- Comes in a set of wooden parts consist of tree stem, leaves, and berries

- Solid wood material

- Polished, smooth edges to protect babies’ hands

- Each piece of the puzzle is carefully designed to appropriate size to prevent choking hazard

- Each puzzle piece is 0.9cm thick, enable babies to grab easily

- Trains babies’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills – to pick up puzzle pieces and piece them together

- Puzzle pieces range from 3 to 5 pieces per puzzle – babies can slowly progress from easy to more complex designs

- Learn to recognize and understand different animals and objects

Easy care tip:

- Do not expose under direct sunlight

- Do not store in a highly humid environment

- Do not wash/immerse in water

- Easily clean using lightly wetted towels

Product code: 

Material: Solid wood 

Size: 15 x 15 x 0.5cm

Variation: Forest – Monkey, Lion, Giraffe, Elephant

                   Under the Sea – Seahorse, Sea Turtle, Crab, Nemo

                   Transportation – Aeroplane, Car, Boat, Train

Suitable for babies age 12 months+ (with parental supervision)

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