4M Educational Toys

   4M has always incorporated principles of science, techonology, engineering, arts & creativity, and mathematics into our toys. STEAM concepts were fundamental to our design process and development process long before it was a common acronym and now an essential aspect of modern, imaginative, inspiring and fun, and we have been doing it with passion and excellence since 1993.
4M Mini KidzLabs / Glow Skull
4M Mini KidzLabs / Magic Nail
4M Mini KidzLabs / Magnetic Racer
4M Mini KidzLabs / Moon Torch
4M Mould & Paint / Cupcake
4M Mould & Paint / Cute Pets
4M Mould & Paint / Dinosaur
4M Mould & Paint / Flamingo
4M Mould & Paint / Garden
4M Mould & Paint / Glitter Fairy
4M Mould & Paint / Glow Owls
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