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Sanitizing and disinfecting your surrounding is important to prevent bacteria growth. When you are sanitize and disinfect, you are removing potentially harmful bacteria that might be visible to the naked eyes!

Au Fairy will keep you safe and clean with the Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray!

1. 75% of mild and non-irritating Food Grade Alcohol  [New Formula]

2. Instant kill 99.9% germs

3. No after washed needed

4. Design with a nozzle spray

5. Portable spray, easy to use anytime, anywhere

6. Refreshing and non-sticky texture, safe and easy to use

It is easy to use on cleaning Skin, toys, electronic items, Home appliances. Public usage / places and after pet interaction!

Keep you & your family stay protected all the time with Au Fairy Hand Sanitizer Spray! Au Fairy cares.

**Suitable for adults and children 2 years and above should use under adult supervision. **Not recommended for infants.**

Volume: Water Based 60ml / 100ml / 150ml

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