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Babycook Neo in Midnight

First Stage Silicone Spoons, Set of 4 in Rose

Multiportions, 5oz in Rain -BabySqueez Puree Pouch, Double Pack in Peacock

Product Description:

This complete Mama Chef Baby Feeding Set features the Babycook Neo Midnight, our First Stage Silicone Spoons (Set of 4), Multiportions, and our BabySqueez Puree Pouch! The baby food possibilities are endless with this set – steam cook and blend everything from raw meat (yes, completely raw meat!) to fruits and veggies in 15 minutes or less, all inside one machine. No pots, bowls or pans necessary! When you’re ready to feed, our silicone spoons are specially made for babies being introduced to solids. The ergonomic handle is designed for adult hands to easily be able to feed baby, the spoon is completely seamless (hygienic design) and is made of ultra supple silicone that’s kind to baby’s gums. When you’re all done, grab our Silicone Multiportions, designed for freezing and storing purees and snacks for baby and toddler! As your little one learns to self-feed, pour the purees you whip up right into Babysqueez. Perfect for on-the-go puree storage and easy for little hands to hold.

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