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Product Details:

Instant and automatic hot bottle maker.

Temperature selection to the nearest degree.

Ultra-fast bottle preparation time: no pre-heating.

1.8L water tank, powder tank equivalent to half a can of powdered milk.

Adapts to all powdered milks and bottles on the market.

Separation of the milk and water system for perfect hygiene.

Scalable: a choice of temperatures from 22° to 70°.

Very fast: prepares bottles in 10 to 20 seconds.

Adapts to every bottle: select room temperature, body temperature or warm.

Even temperature and texture without lumps thanks to its integrated mixing system.

Evolutive product, can be used to prepare tea or soup: hot water function up to 70 °C .

Simple and intuitive controls: retro-lit touch screen.

Easy and efficient cleaning: self-cleaning mixing system and tanks are dishwasher safe.

Product Description:

Milkeo is a designer bottle maker that doses and mixes water and powder and pours the milk directly into the bottle. Milkeo lets you prepare a bottle at the touch of a button. Ultra-quick, it takes less than 20 seconds to prepare the bottle. The temperature as well as the amount of water and powder can be adjusted. It also lets you dispense hot water to make tea or soup, for example. A self-cleaning function guarantees hygiene and makes the product easy to care for. Well-designed automatic bottle maker. In only one movement, Milkeo measures out, mixes water and formula powder, then directly distributes milk into the bottle.

Warranty period:

2 years warranty

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