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Please fill in the *numbers of Patterns & Size* at the 'Remarks' Box while placing an order.

Choose Any 8 *numbers of Patterns & Size* options of your preference;


1. Snowflakes

2. Blooming Hearts

3. Pinkish Star

4. Polkadots

5. Happy Hearts

6. Fushia Dots

7. Spring Flora

8. Cool Flora

9. Bubbles Rose

10. Bubbles Blue

11. Bubbles Green

12. Plain Khaki

13. Plain Black

14. Plain Grey

15. Plain White

16. Plain Pink

17. Plain Blue

Size & Measurement 

(XS) Toddler                   11.5cm    (H)   *  17cm   (L)
(S)    Kids                       12.5cm     (H)   *  18cm   (L)
(M)   Adult / Teen            14.2cm    (H)   *  19cm  (L)
(L)    Adult / Standard     15.5cm  (H)   *  20cm   (L)

· Washable & Reusable

· Double layered Protection

· Nice Pattern for Selection

· Outer Cotton Quality Fabric 

· Inner Breathable Fabric

· Comfortable fit 

· Can Be Used Multiple Times

· Fabric Ear Loops

· Skin Friendly (non-allergy to skin)

· Hand wash or machine wash are available

· Suitable for Children & Adult 

· Item Ready Stock

· Customization is welcome 

· Customization time 3-5 days


Note: Please wash mask before wearing it


Not medical-grade

Not intended as a medical mask or to treat , cure or prevent any diseases.

This is not a medical product


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