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Size & Measurement 

(XS) Toddler                   11.5cm    (H)   *  17cm   (L)
(S)    Kids                       12.5cm    (H)   *  18cm   (L)
(M)   Adult / Teen            14.2cm    (H)   *  9.2cm  (L)
(L)    Adult / Standard     15.5cm  (H)   *  10cm   (L)


· Printed Cotton Mask

· Nice Pattern for Selection

· Double layered 100% cotton

· Outer Cotton Quality Fabric 

· Inner Breathable Fabric

· Comfortable fit 

· Can Be Used Multiple Times

· Fabric Ear Loops

· Skin Friendly (non-allergy to skin)

· Washable & Reusable

· Hand wash or machine wash are available

· Suitable for Children & Adult 

· Item Ready Stock

· Customization is welcome 

· Customization time 3-5 days


Note: Please wash mask before wearing it


Not medical-grade

Not intended as a medical mask or to treat , cure or prevent any diseases.

This is not a medical product


No anti-bacterial function, cannot be used directly as a surgical mask
High-risk environment is not recommended

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