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If there’s one thing your baby needs to sleep safely and soundly through the night, it is the Kub Multifunctional Memory Pillow. 

A double-core memory pillow, it fits your child’s needs in different stages of spinal growth. Suitable for babies from 3 months up to 10 years old. The bottom layer features slow rebound memory foam while the top layer features the same but with embedded cooling gel in the middle. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Measuring 55cm x 30cm, the pillow is big enough to offer your baby plenty of space. Plus, its soft cotton pillowcase allows for improved airflow and delivers ultimate comfort. 

Product Feature:

  • 3D structure
  • Innovative embedded cooling gel
  • Large size for more space
  • Soft and breathable pillowcase made from cotton







Product Specification:

  • Size: 55cm x 30cm
  • Cover Material: Pillowcase - Fine cotton, Inner cover – Polyester
  • Pillow Material: Punching hole rebound memory foam with gel


Gentle reminder:

  • Due to seal packaging and material, new pillow tends to have mild odour. Place the pillow at clean and dry place for 4-7 days to remove the odour.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.

  • Pillowcase can be removed and washed by hand. No rinse, no ironing and no dryer.

  • Only clean the pillow by gently wiping the stain/dirt with wet cloth and leave to dry.

  • Do not wash or drying by exposure to direct sunlight.

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