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[ 妈妈奶茶 ] 1盒30包

被称为奶茶, 但是都不含糖 /奶精 /咖啡因的成分, 无添加防腐剂及人造色素, 纯天然的中草药制定而成


疏通乳腺 ~ 一般新手妈咪最担心的就是乳腺不通畅,阻塞。妈咪们产后的第三,四天是涨奶高峰期, 若涨奶未能及早疏通(石头奶) 就可能导致乳房肿胀和乳腺炎。

增加奶量 ~ 中医角度认为产后奶量不足是源于妈咪的气血(钙质)大量流失,而不能分泌更多乳汁,造成缺奶状况,所以气血补充是很重要的。


奶量不足够 ~ 建议早晚服用,每次1包空腹饮用以效果更佳,增加奶量。

奶量稳定时 ~ 建议早上服用,每次1包空腹饮用以保持奶量。

* 1包妈妈奶茶适约200毫升温热水/党参红枣茶冲泡


白通草 30%  
王不留行 20%  
党参 25%  
红枣 25%

怀孕/月经期间(不是坐月期的恶露淤血) 不建议饮用妈妈奶茶



[ Mama Milk Tea ] contains 30packs

does not contain sugar/condensed milk/caffeine. It is made of 100% organic herbs.

Main Effect

Enhance Lactation ~ Many mother will worry about their mammary gland get blocked. If the mother does not enhance lactation it could cause breast swelling and mastitis.

Increase Breastmilk ~ From the TCM perspective, lack of qi and blood (calcium) will cause the mother to have insufficient breast milk. Therefore, nourishing qi and blood is important to the mother.

Direction of use
Insufficient breast milk ~ Morning & Night 1 sachet each time, drink before meal

Adequate breast milk ~ Morning 1 sachet each time, drink before meal

*Stir 1 sachet of MMT into 200 ml of lukewarm water/Asiabell Red Date Tea

Main ingredients

Tetrapanax 30%  
Seed of Cowherb 20%  
Asiabell 25%  
Red Date 25%
Each box consists of 20 packets.


Recommend not to drink Mama Milk Tea during pregnant or menstrual period.

Recommend mother to consume foods with high calcium, such as fish, pork, any kind of beans.
Not recommend to consume too much fried foods (over consume of Korean Ginseng and Ginseng which will reduce the amount of breast milk.)


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