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If your breast milk leaks excessively, meaning bra pads are not enough, you can use Medela's Milk Collection Shells.


Support for breastfeeding mothers

The soft silicone membrane provides a good fit, which means it is extremely comfortable. The collection shells are easy to empty thanks to the convenient built-in spout.


Collect leaking milk and protect clothing. The contoured shape and soft back ensure invisible and comfortable wear. Practical spout for the trouble-free emptying of collected milk into baby's bottles. This is simply fabulous as every drop of our precious breastmilk counts! These shells also can be used to protect sore or cracked nipples from further irritation between feedings.


Medela's Milk Collection Shells sit within the bra and collects leaking milk while protecting your clothing.For heavy milk leakage, milk collection shells provide a secure solution. Contoured for less visibility through clothing.

Benefits of Milk Collection Shells

Medela Milk Collection Shells feature a built-in spout so that you can easily empty the breast milk that has collected in them.

The Milk Collection Shells are designed to be worn discreetly. The soft silicone backs make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The shells are BPA free.​


Assembly and Use

Put the silicone membrane on the shell. Be sure it snaps on all the way around. Place the assembled Milk Collection Shell inside your bra with the opening in the silicone membrane centred over your nipple. It is recommended that you wear a nursing bra; nursing bras are roomier and the Milk Collection Shell applies less pressure on the breast. Make sure that the spout is facing upwards. When removing the shell, lean forwards somewhat. The collected milk can then be poured into a different container. 

Caution: Only milk collected during breastfeeding should be saved using a sterile container. If the milk is not fed to the baby right away, immediately place the container into the refrigerator and use within 24 hours. To keep moisture from damaging the nipples, it is recommended that you remove the shells every 2–3 hours and let the breast air dry. 



- Collect leaking milk

- Soft silicone backs for a snug, comfortable fit

- Easy emptying through convenient spout

- Contoured for less visibility through clothing

- Worn inside the bra

- Vented fronts to allow air circulation

- 100% BPA-free


- Polypropylene shell

- Silicone membrane

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