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My first cutlery is for little ones who are just transitioning into learning to feed themselves independently. If your little one is ready for the next step to becoming an eating master this set is the perfect first cutlery!

This set includes a "no-mess" canvas carry pouch - with an easy to clean inner coating.

It’s ready to grab and go for picnics and on-the-go meals.

The rounded handles are perfectly shaped for little hands to easily grasp.

The size is also ideal weight for little ones to learn balance and control while guiding delicious bites to their mouths. Another great feature is the anti-slip notch which holds cutleries on the edge of bowls or plates instead of making a mess in your little one’s food.

- Easy to grasp rounded handles (promotes self-feeding)

- Made with 100% plant based and petroleum free material

- Modern & simple design

- Easy to take on the go and store at home

Dishwasher safe Materials:

- 100% plant based and petroleum free PLA Dimension:

- (Spoon) 13 x 3 cm

- (Fork) 12.5 x 3 cm

- (Set) 15 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm


- 70g

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