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Say NO to the endless waste of short term baby products, say YES to Miniware, a collection of natural, non-toxic and well designed baby dining-ware for you and your loved ones. Materials/ 40% bamboo fiber, 40% starch and 20% emulsion, Silicon Package included: 1 X Snack Bowl [H 2.4" x D 6"] 1 X Food Level Silicone Suction Foot - Durable - Anti bacteria - BPA free - Non toxic - Biodegradable - Safe for dishwashers - Approved by SGS, FDA & RoHS Dimension of the Packaging: - BONNSU started looking for safe and healthy alternatives to Plastics and Melamine resin. Luckily we found a formula of heat pressed bamboo fiber powder which is both natural and passes international food safety tests. The bamboo fiber is not only safe for you and your baby but our earth as well. When Miniware meets the end of its lifecycle, it is safe to burn or break down in soil just like plants. Let's leave a clean world for our next generations! What's great about Miniware is the 3 basic shapes all attach to the same suction foot! This is revolutionary in the baby world [no kidding!] This smart design solves 2 problems for parents and babies. 1. This smart suction foot allows your child to learn to feed themselves with all kinds of foods, and when they are ready it can easily be removed. Unlike those other bowls with a permanently attached suction foot Miniware will continue to grow when baby is ready to move on. 2. In our experience as soon as babies start to feed themselves they want to use the same bowls and plates as their parents do. Miniware is a great tool for this transition period. Without the suction foot the solid weight of the product still provides a very stable eating experience and baby can eat just like their parents. You can even use Miniware together, and you might just fall in love with them too! Let's leave a clean world for our next generations.

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