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It’s wonderful and enjoyable to massage all over body with this lightweight, non-greasy, non-staining formula, Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. Makes your skin instantly soft, supple, just like the baby’s skin. Stretch Marks and Scars are invisible after regular massage.

To unwind and for maximum relaxation, massage with Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. It is an advanced multi-purpose skin perfection massaging oil ideal for deep moisturizing treatment.

A combination of natural Cocoa Butter, Vitamin-E, Rosehip Oil and other essential oils, Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, thanks to its unique Rapidermal Absorption Systeme®. Skin is left smooth, hydrated, firmer, more plump and more radiant. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil is suitable for whole body massage, and is especially recommended for use during and after pregnancy to improve the elasticity of skin. Even old scars are noticeably reduced. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil can also be used for Baby body massage. Studies have shown that all new-born show healthy growth, more weight gain and thrive better if they are massaged well. Massaging is a good exercise and promotes motor activity and emotional security in a child. Besides a healthy body and muscular development, it stimulates digestion and helps the baby pass gas. A “GOOD” Massage with Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil “before bath” also helps baby to relax, sleep better and makes baby more alert during the waking hours. It does not contain any preservative and Vitamin A.

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