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=Product Highlight=
*BPA Free
*Resistance to biting, puncture and tearing
*Tiny design to protect baby's sensitive skin
*Anti-colic valve
*Suitable from 0 above
What is Anti-colic valve ?
- When baby sucking, the space of the bottle taken up by liquid. The baby has to suck harder to drink the milk from the bottle. The increases the amount of air that the baby swallowed will cause baby to suffer hiccups and colic.
- When anti-colic valve, air will flow through the valve to replace the space taken up by the liquid. It then pushes the liquid out when the baby sucking. Baby will able to suck without stress. Convertible to cookie container.
- It come with a lid to prevent liquid from leaking. The lid also can convert the bottle into a cookie container or a normal bottle (Refer to picture)Suitable from: 6 months above.
Why BPA-FREE is so important? How BPA toxic harm us?
- BPA give negative effects to babies
- BPA can do unexpected damage to your teeth
- BPA exposure during early life may influence birth weight, hormonal development, behavior and cancer risk in later life
- BPA may raise your risk of obesity
- BPA exposure has been linked to heart disease and diabetes
- BPA May Cause Infertility in Men and Women
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