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Tanjung means the cap in Malay language, a synonym by the locals for people who lives on the island of Penang. Traditionally hand-blocked by the Penang locals. The TANJUNG symbolizes the richness and diversities of cultures, heritage and people of Penang island, with its' vibrant and cheerful colors and design.


Short sleeves shirt made from high-quality lightweight and super-soft and 100% cotton lawn. Best for kids’ delicate skins and long-lasting colors due to the way its tedious process of making that boiled and rinsed off all the excess chemicals from the fabric. Comes with high quality designed buttons for chic and stylish looks. 

 Great for hot climate outdoor use for its light-weight, thin and breathable cotton features.


The TANJUNG colors are uniquely handblocked using overlayered and discharged techniques to get significant varieties of colors of batik. Comes in 6 other colors: Gummy Red, Parple Purple, Puffy Pink and Aqua Green (overlayered technique) and Lave Red, Lave Purple, Lave Pink and Lave Green (discharged technique).




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